About the company

PGE Ekoserwis S.A. was created from the merger of two subsidiaries with a similar business profile: Utex Sp. z o.o and  Renevis Inżynieria Środowiska Sp. z o.o., companies with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Our mission is effective combining ecological and economic solutions, consisting in providing comprehensive services in the field of UPS management (by-products of combustion), providing services in auxiliary areas for electricity and heat producers and supply of UPS-based materials, observing health and safety rules and ethics, acting based on the principles of sustainable development and with respect for the value of the PGE Group.

We are an expert in the field of management of combustion by-products, as well as providing comprehensive services (in the areas of carburizing, ash removal, landfill management) for power plants. Annually, we manage about 2 million tons of combustion by-products. We provide services within the units of the PGE Capital Group. We have 2 production plants in Rybnik and Kamień near Wroclaw. 

 On October 2, 2023, PGE Ekoserwis and its subsidiary Epore combined their resources and operate under a common name - PGE Ekoserwis S.A. as part of the development of the business segment dedicated to the Circular Economy,  creating unique competences in the energy and construction industries. The integration strengthened the position of the company and the PGE Group as the national circular economy leader in the energy sector.