Mining systems

In conditions of the Upper Silesia, a method used for fly ash management, especially in winter, is to use it  in hard coal mines. Our systems for ash unloading and gap filling in mines, as designed and delivered by our specialists, are located in the premises of KWK Chwałowice, KWK Jankowice and KWK Szczygłowice. Owing to appropriate technology supported by long-year experience, the systems make it possible to accomplish a fully controlled process of preparation of mixtures based on ashes, post-floating waste and salt water. Maintenance of an appropriate formula of the mixtures has a fundamental meaning due to transporting ability of the mixtures, mixture solidification time, mechanical strength and water draining (excess water).
UTEX systems used have the capacity at the level of 100 t dry ash/h and proportional demand for water is up to 120 m3/h depending on the mixture density.
In practice, due to diversified collection by the mine bottom and variable ash supplies, the largest systems process 10,000 t ash per month and approx. 10,000 m3 of salted bottom water.

The use of fly ashes makes it possible for mines to deposit their own processing waste underground, e.g. post-floating waste and slated water, which partly solves ecological problems.
Following sedimentation and binding processes, the ash and water mixture creates a very tight and non-flammable material. Such mixtures are used for a series of works aimed at:

  • sealing of goaf cavings,
  • isolation of fire fields,
  • stope filling,
  • simplification of mine ventilation systems
  • mechanical reinforcement of rock mass.



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