The Production Plant PGE Energia Ciepła S.A. in Rybnik produces and sells road and mining aggregates and binders in bulk and bags, which are alternative to natural ones.

There are 4 stationary production systems operating in the premises of the plant:

  • 2 systems for production of road bases (including one located in the premises of PGE Energia Ciepła in Rybnik) with the total capacity of approx. 280  t/h, which allows for loading from 11 to 12 dumpers (“bathtubs”) with the weight of 25 t within an hour.
  • a system for production of road and mining binders in bulk (located in the premises of PGE Energia Ciepła in Rybnik) equipped with two independent hubs for production of hydraulic road and mining binders. The system equipment was selected in order to ensure that each of the hubs could operate with the capacity of approx. 45 t/h. The real capacity of the technological system depends on the quantity and types of raw materials used.
  • A mixing line for mining binders and mortars in bags with the capacity from 16 t/h to 20 t/h of palletized bags depending on a product packed

Materials from the production line are supplied directly to customers with the use of a non-cash sale system and upon an order made in writing (link to order form) and prepayment made. Long-standing customers may benefit from prolonged payment due dates.

 The plant in Rybnik produces the following:


Comprehensive customer services ensure the opportunity to use specialist transport of materials (link to “transport” section) to a place of destination, i.e. use road tractors with silo-type semitrailers with the capacity from 37 m3 to 45 m3 and loading capacity of max. 27 tons and tipper-type semitrailers with the capacity from 36 m3 to 40 m3 and loading capacity of max. 26 tons. Most of the vehicles in the stock have exhaust as emission of class EURO 5.

Instalacja do produkcji ekopodbudów i ekostabilizacji
Instalacja spoiw workowanych
Instalacja do produkcji spoiw workowanych
Instalacja do wytwarzania kruszyw żużlowych
Instalacja do wytwarzania spoiw luzem


The Production Plant in Rybnik:

ul. Podmiejska 119a, 44-207 Rybnik

Kierownik Produkcji:
Marian Czerner   tel.: +48 32 4294 746,  509 987 456 e-mail:

Starszy Mistrz Produkcji:
Zdzisław Szewczyk   tel: +48 32 4294 775,  510 078 810,  e-mail:


Fly ash:
Dorota Morgała - tel.  +48 32 429 4829, kom: 721 211 931, email:
Sebastian Bochenek -  tel. +48 32 429 47 57, 516 781 770,  e-mail: 

Mixtures, aggregates abd binders for road building:
Jacek Zyśk -  tel. +48 691 200 082,  e-mail:
Marcin Gałwa
– tel.+48  692 437 823, e-mail:
Jarosław Nowacki – tel. +48 887 884 429, e-mail:

Mineral minning binders:
Michał Chłap -  mobile +48 502 398 682,  e-mail:

Dorota Morgała - tel.  +48 32 429 4829, kom: 721 211 931, email:
Krzysztof Pawera -  tel. +48 32 4294 719, 502 427 765, e-mail: