Our mission is to manufacture products, sell and render services efficiently through combination of ecological and economical solutions based on the principle of sustainable development involving association of a company’s development with respect for local communities, natural environment and in consideration of ongoing growth of customer satisfaction and in compliance with the principles of safety and ethics.
Owing to its high level of safety and professional attitude of its staff, PGE EKOSERWIS S.A. wishes to be perceived as a reliable trustworthy company, which is accepted by local community.
Since 2004 the company has used and improved the certified Integrated Quality Management System in compliance with EN ISO 9001, Integrated Environment Management System in compliance with EN ISO 14001, and since 2012 – Integrated Health and Safety at Work (BHP) Management System in compliance with PN-N 18001.       

As regards its strategic aims, the company undertakes to:

  • collect combustion products from customers and manage the same efficiently for the purposes of production of ecological products and, in particular, the construction, agricultural and mining sector products
  • render contracted services with due diligence and in consideration of all safety aspects of the process ordered by a customer.

We achive aur goals through:

  • commitment of the executive staff to quality, environment and health and safety at work,
  • supply of services and products in compliance with quality parameters required by customers as well as in a safe and economical manner,
  • identification and fulfilment of legal requirements, requirements of Group and other requirements applicable to the activities conducted,
  • consistent implementation of the company’s policy relating to health and safety at work and constituting an integral part of this policy,
  • regular identification of risks, analyzing of risks and undertaking of necessary preventive activities,
  • regular overviews and continuous improvement of effectiveness of the Integrated Management System complying with requirements of quality standards such as ISO 9001, environmental protections standards such as ISO 14001 health and safety at work standards such as BHP PN-N-18001
  • improvement of qualifications, vocational skills and awareness of employees and active support of any initiatives relating to improvement of quality, environmental protection as well as health and safety at work,