Sustainable Development

Realising our mission, we feel socially responsible for people and the surrounding environment. Therefore, we still undertake activities for sustainable development.
Acting according to principles of sustainable development in PGE EKOSERWIS relates to all areas of the company’s activities:

  • environmental protection and safety (ecological results)
  • finance and effective organisation (economic results)
  • oas well as ethics of conduct in relation to employees, customers and local community (social results).

We try to protect the environment every day. It is not a mere slogan, but a motto of our work. We create new products and improve technical solutions. We define negative environmental aspects and try to limit the same. We search for new ideas to help us protect the environment better.

One of the main trend of our activities includes management of combustion by-products (UPS in Polish), which result from hard coal combustion in power plants. Owing to the opportunity to use the same in the construction and road construction sector we can really influence behavior of natural aggregates and, indirectly, limit air pollution.