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Synthetic gypsum is obtained as a result of desulphurisation of industrial exhaust gas. Systems used during the process allow for binding of large quantities of sulphur dioxide with complete use of absorbing agent. Gypsum obtained as a result of use of the method is a good substitute of natural gypsum and most of components of the substance (99%) are compounds identical to mineral substances of natural origin.

It is a material which can be used in the sector of gypsum construction materials, for cement production as cement binding time regulator and in the sector of cellular concrete – for activation of hardening process.

The high contents of CaS04 • 2H20 makes the material suitable for use in production of construction gypsum products, gypsum plaster coatings for manual and machine application as well as fillers and gypsum glues. A wide range of the materials are very popular in the market of construction materials.
GYPSUM is not toxic for environment and it is not mobile, is not subject to decomposition, biodegradation or bioaccumulation, and it is stable for a wide range of conditions – does not cause hazardous reactions, releases crystalline water during heating, and releases sulphur trioxide in the temperature of 1000oC.
Results of synthetic gypsum natural radiation state that, from the point of view of radiological protection, gypsum may be used for production of construction materials used in facilities for people and livestock.

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