Lean Concrete for Roads

This artificial stone was formed after hardening the ash concrete mixture with a strength of 6 to 9 MPa. Lean concrete is the mixture of aggregate, ash-slag, binder and water and  other additives in optimum proportions where it is appropriate to be used .

The lean ash-slag concrete foundation is one or more layers of thick slurry of ash-slag concrete which forms the load bearing part of the pavement structure after hardening. The main raw material of lean concrete is the ash-slag mixture from the CHP plant, which is stored on a dry super-level landfill. It is characterized by its own solidifying potential and binding properties.
Properties of ash-slag mixtures depend on their pozzolanic properties -
there are reactions between silicate minerals (pozzolans) and calcium compounds when  mixture with the binder  water is thickening.
Ashes and slags are  alkaline materials associated with the content of lime compounds. In this respect they are similar to traditional binders, ie. cement and lime, so the environmental impact and health and safety considerations are the same as when using traditional building binders.


  • ground stabilizing
  • construction of pavement construction layers: substructures and layers of improved pavement substrate carrying the movement of categories KR1 to KR6
  • reinforcing, frost protection, cutting off layers
  • to road foundations (essential and auxiliary)

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