Solitex DSM i ST mixture for cut-off walls

Solitex ST is a ready dry mixture intended for „hardening slurry” used in construction of cut-off walls by means of excavation/backfill technique.

Solitex DSM is a ready dry mixture intended for „hardening slurry” used in construction of cut-off walls by means of deep soil mixing method.



Construction of:

  • cut-off walls in the ground (foundation) of water & melioration equipment
  • cut-off walls inside the body and ground of embankments functioning as dams and retrenching of agricultural reservoir
  • flood banks
  • fishpond retrenching and levees and water conductors
  • filling empty caves underground
  • canal & ditch sealing etc.
  • substrate reinforcement
  • water & melioration engineering

 DSM and ST binders are manufactured in the Production Site with an output of up to 100t/h and are ready for used directly from the production line based on an order placed.
We have 2 mobile manufacturing facilities with an output of 50t/h each, which can be ready for use after 1 week of assembly.
In case of construction works or projects located at a great distance from the Production Site in Rybnik an ability to manufacture the material close to the place of application can be a chance to save money on transportation costs.


We realize transportation through own  fleet of specialist vehicles and rail. We also cooperate with experienced carriers providing services for us at the highest level. Especially important for us is to maintain the security of both loading   and during transport and unloading at the destination.
Logistics department realizes efficiently and timely deliveries to the customer. It helps to keep the continuity of the investment, flexible planning further deliveries to the construction site. Using our logistics customers do not bear any risk in transport and ordered material is delivered on time at the designated place.


Together with supplying products we offer free technical and technological consulting, involving the preparation of the alternative and competitive technologyreplacing the traditional solutions but equally good, based on ash and slag mixtures.Our technical advisors are qualified construction engineers, with years of experience. They serve customers with their knowledge for the optimal use of our technology in a given implementation and consult with the designers and contractors - monitoring the application of the material. They are available until completion.

Customer service assist throughout the process of of ordering and settling material. For regular customers we offer attractive conditions with long payment periods.

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Technical adviser and saler

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