Ready-mixed concrete

PGE Ekoserwis offers a full range of concretes of various grades and consistency. High-performance equipment used to produce concrete is universal enough to change the formulation and adapt it to the requirements of the customer.

Our concrete complies with PN-EN 206-1: 2003 and is produced:

  • in strength classes: C8/10, C12/15, C16/20, C20/25, C25/30, C30/37, C35/45, C40/50
  • in consistency classes (according to the cone fall method in mm): S1 (od 10 do 40), S2 (od 50 do 90), S3 (od 100 do 150), S4 (od 160 do 210), S5 (powyżej 200)

Ordinary concrete, complied with z PN-88/B-06250 is produced

  • in classes: B7.5, B10, B12.5, B15, B20, B25, B30, B35, B37, B40, B45 B50
  • in consistency classes: K-1 (wet), K-2 (dence), K-3 (plastic), K-4 (semi-liquid)


Types of ready mixed concretes that you can find in our offer:

  • Ordinary concrete

Commodity concrete with a dry density from 2000 kg / m3 to 2600 kg / m3, which is usually made from gravel aggregate. Widely used in the construction industry for the implementation of elements not subject to static calculations, as compensatory, descent and fill concrete.

  • Lightweight concrete

Lightweight concrete with dry density from 800 kg / m3 to 2000 kg / m3. Made on lightweight aggregate (clay, pollytag).

  • Heavy concrete

Heavy concrete with a dry density greater than 2600kg / m3, made from heavy-duty aggregates or iron ore ( magnetyt, baryt, hematyt itp.).

  • Lead concrete mix for roads applications  6,0-9,0 MPa

Lean concrete MIX is an excellent material for use in road construction to improve ground in accordance with PN-S-96013: 1997 Roads. Substructure of lean concrete. Requirements and research.
Thanks to the use of aerated admixtures it has increased the parameters in the field of frost resistance and has gained extremely wide application - in both communication engineering and general construction.

  • Structural concrete

Construction concrete is designed for monolithic construction elements. The concrete class and parameters are determined by the designer.

  • Flooring concrete

Designed for flooring in industrial or residential construction. Floor concrete is most often produced using scattered reinforcement (steel or polypropylene).

  • Bridge concrete

Bridge concrete designed esspecialy for bridges. It is characterized by certain properties in terms of structural durability. Bridge concrete parameters are specified in the concrete specification, which is part of the design documentation.

  • Hydrotechnical concrete

Hydraulic concrete is designed to perform structures particularly exposed to water such as tanks, lava, mud, etc..

  • Contracted concrete

It is used for the construction of crevice walls and foundation piles. It is characterized by great fluidity and good workability.

  • Self-compacting concrete SCC

Self-compacting concrete is characterized by a fluid consistency. Thickening and venting of the concrete mixture takes place under its own weight, without the use of vibrating devices.

  • Architektural and facade concrete

Architectural concrete is used to make concrete surfaces with defined requirements in terms of appearance. By using architectural concrete we obtain a smooth surface and maintain durability and durability parameters. The surface covered with facade concrete does not require any plaster coating or other finishing material.

Architectural concrete is produced from specially selected fine aggregate, cement and modifying admixtures - plasticizers, characterized by low absorbency.

The concrete that we deliver to our customers (distributing it in Stone, Czestochowa and other cities) fully complies with the criteria presented by the Customer during the order placement process

 Technical concrete is manufactured in two production plants:

Our customers may benefit from gratuitous technological counselling and directions connected with correct embedding and caring of concrete. We have Declarations of Compliance and Certificates of Quality issued for all types of concrete, and our laboratory exercises ongoing supervision over correct quality of our concrete. Our comprehensive customer services are ensured by the opportunity to use specialist concrete transport and pumping equipment.