Coal feeding

Operation of coal collection, storage and feeding systems

EDF Ekoserwis offers comprehensive operation of caterpillar bulldozers as part of maintenance of the coal dump in the premises of EDF Polska, Division in Rybnik.

Our task is aimed at ensuring of continuous feeding, storage and collection of coal from unloading equipment (carriage dumpers) in the annual average volume of approx. 4 mln Mg for maximum daily consumption of approx. 12000 Mg.

Detailed information may be obtained from:

Region West (Wroclaw, Siechnice):
Łukasz Kuliczkowski +48 71 323 7635 e-mail:

Region Południe (Rybnik):
Mariusz Garstka - tel. +48 32 739 17 69, e-mail:

Region Północ (Gdańsk, Gdynia):
Mariusz Zdrojewski
 - tel. +58 347 4624, e-mail:

Region Wschód (Kraków):
Jan Lempart - tel. +48 12 646 6393, e-mail: