Management of combustion by-products

EDF EKOSERWIS has 25 years’ experience in management of Combustion By-Products (UPS). Our main objective is to ensure safety to Power Energy Manufacturers with respect to management of their UPS and ensuring Customers collecting UPS an opportunity to use the same for business purposes by:

  1. maintenance of continuous collections of UPS,
  2. maintenance of continuous collections of UPS and products manufactured on the basis of UPS by customers,
  3. ensuring of supplies of UPS for the company’s own production purposes,
  4. ensuring of supervision over collection and supply of UPS and products manufactured on the basis of UPS in a manner that is not hazardous to the environment and complies with legal requirements relating to environmental protection.

Our company has permits for collection and processing of the above-mentioned combustion by-products::

    10 01 01 - Slag, bottom ash and boiler dust (excluding boiler dust referred to in 10 01 04)

    10 01 02 - Fly ash from coal

    10 01 03 - Fly ash from peat and wood, which was not subject to chemical treatment

    10 01 05 - Solid waste from flue gas desulphurization lime method

    10 01 17 - PFly ash from co-incineration, other than referred to in 10 01 16

    10 01 24 - Sands from fluidized beds (excluding 10 01 82)

    10 01 25 - Waste from storage and preparation of fuels for coal-fuelled power plants

    10 01 80 - Ash and slag mixtures from wet carrying of bottom waste

    10 01 82 - Mixtures of fly ash and solid waste from flue gas desulphurization lime methods (dry and semi-dry methods of exhaust gas desulphurization and incineration in fluidized bed)

    10 13 06 - Particles and dusts (excluding 10 13 12 and 10 13 13)

    19 01 12 - Bottom slag and ash other then referred to in  19 01 11

The variety of their properties depends of the type of a boiler and combustion method as well as exhaust gas desulphurization methods used. Exhaust gas treatment is mandatory for professional power energy sectors, and more and more stringent emission restrictions force changes in the technology of fuel combustion. Instead of being released from chimneys, captured contamination is retained in the solid form in ashes, which makes properties of ashes change and obtain interesting characteristics.

UPS are materials, which have been tested and proven in various application in civil engineering, road construction, railway construction, prefabrication, cement industry, mining and reclamation sectors.
Most of collected UPS are processed directly into high quality aggregates and binders or to mining systems, which pump ash mixtures for the purposes of filling of mining gaps.

We also offer opportunities to store materials for the purposes of maintenance of their continuous production offered by the company throughout the year. Main storage hubs managed by EDF EKOSERWiS include:

  • retention reservoirs in EC Wrocław (in the premises of the Waste and Biomass Management Plant),
  • retention reservoirs in EC Czechnica (in the premises of the Waste and Biomass Management Plant),
  • above-the-level dumps in Kamień,
  • storage rooms in Czechnica,


Detailed information may be obtained from:

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