Operation of the Wet Flue Gas DesulfurizationSystem

Operation of the Wet Flue Gas Desulphurisation System involves the main process control as well as operation of processes ancillary to the main process.
As part of ancillary processes, PGE Ekoserwis offers:

  • operation of stations of collection of lime flour from US carriages in the volume of approx 7000 T/month
  • collection and management of reagypsum resulting from the process of desulphurisation in the volume of approx. 9000T/month


Detailed information may be obtained from:

Region West:
Łukasz Kuliczkowski +48 71 323 7635 e-mail:

Region South:
Mariusz Garstka - tel. +48 32 739 17 69, e-mail:

Region East:
Jan Lempart - tel. +48 12 646 6393 , e-mail:

Region North:
Mariusz Zdrojewski - tel. +48 58 347 46 24, e-mail: