Slag and ash removal services

PGE Ekoserwis ensures production safety for energy and heat producers - managing by-products of coal combustion in power plants and combined heat and power plants: ash and slag. The company takes responsibility for their development, ensures proper operation of ash removal and deslagging equipment and installations, and proper division and selection of ash and slag storage in the power units of PGE S.A.(Rybnik, Kraków, Gdańsk, Gdynia) and Kogenerecji S.A. (Wrocław, Siechnice).

In cooperation with the sales department, the company is responsible for the proper development of UPS products.

The main tasks of the service include works related to

  • collection of ash from electrostatic precipitators and delivery to ash retention tanks
  • service of ash retention reservoirs and devices for loading and unloading of wagons and road tankers
  • handling conveyor belts and clearing of transfers
  • operation of equipment and installations for return water pumping station (PWP) and pumping station (BP).
  • operation of equipment for the production of compressed air, air treatment stations and compressed air installations

and also:

  • supervision of equipment and compressed air pipelines involved in the process of equipment control and ash transport
  • redirection of ash in accordance with the type of ash as well as test results of combustible parts of collected samples obtained from the Laboratory, on designated chambers by changing the gears in ash pipelines
  • works related to unloading limestone powder and gypsum loading on the IMOS installation
  • monitoring of devices in motion
  • receiving and loading slag
  • maintaining the condition and cleanliness of ash and slag removal equipment
  • constant supervision over the correct operation of devices and the capture of existing faults and failures
 Detailed information may be obtained from:

Region West:
Łukasz Kuliczkowski +48 71 323 7635 e-mail:

Region South:
Mariusz Garstka - tel. +48 32 739 17 69, e-mail:

Region East:
Jan Lempart - tel. +48 12 646 6393 , e-mail:

Region North:
Niżygorocki Piotr - tel. +48 58 347 46 24, e-mail: